Suppressors, silencers, cans, whisper pickles - whatever you call them we all have received information or seen them in life or Hollywood. Great information exists, but a lot of bad info still remains out in the world. Here we will dig into the basics of suppressors. What you should know, the benefits they pose to you as an armed citizen, and more. We want to clear up any misconceptions that may exist and expand your knowledge. The more well-informed citizens we have the better.


Let's Break it Down

So where do we start? Silencers are these things that make your gun's sound untraceable like Hollywood and politicians have told you, right? The things on the end of guns that are illegal and only criminals have? Not quite-let's restart and break down some basics.

Before we start, if you have any questions please get in touch with us. We love talking suppressors!

First of all, these items are entirely legal to own and easier to obtain than many may believe- but once again many have been educated wrong over and over. Unfortunately, while suppressors are beneficial to all of us the government felt the need to regulate them. You will often hear that under the National Firearm Act (NFA) you have to pay a tax stamp on NFA items (suppressors, machine guns, etc); This is true- there is a $200 tax stamp you must pay in addition to your item. And yes, it is on each NFA item you buy. Alright, you may be thinking, "yeah, $200 sucks, but I can do that"... Well you will also have to wait for the NFA to process your forms and the approval times typically have no rhyme or reason. Understand from the start that you will have to wait for your tax stamp to come back from the NFA before your dealer can release the item(s) to you. Mind you, that is where we shine if you want to use your NFA item while it is processing. 

Highlighted above, the process is quite simple.

1) Find a dealer you prefer (contact us here).

2) Pick and buy your suppressor(s).

3) complete your paperwork- including the application, fingerprints, and your photo.

4) Pay for your tax stamp

5) Wait after your dealer submits your paperwork. The wait is the hardest part in our opinion. This gives you plenty of time to get your host firearms in order so you are ready to shoot once you get the call your tax stamp is back. 

The most difficult step in all of this is probably picking your suppressors. Many hours can be spent researching and it may seem overwhelming. If it helps, just know you will probably not stop at just one, so you can always keep getting more. But you always want to get what fits your needs best. 

So what do you want out of a suppressor? To be the most quiet, hearing-safe device on the end of your gun? For many absolutely; however, there are a great number of factors to consider. Length, weight, caliber options, mounting system, and more. Your own parameters exist, so find what fits your needs.

Here are important points to consider:

  • What calibers are compatible? - You're going to have a rough day if you try shooting 45ACP out of a can made for 9mm. Consider what calibers you want to cover. You can find the "do all"-caliber suppressors, but you can also designate and typically find better performance.  

  • What kind of mounting system do I want- direct thread or some sort of quick detach design? 

  • Suppressor weight - The weight may not seem bad until you add it to the muzzle of your gun. If the gun is going to be a bench gun then this may not be a huge concern, but if you are going hunting or training at an all day class you may want to give this some thought. 

  • Barrel Length Restrictions - not all suppressors are built to withstand the same amount of pressure they are subjected to. Make sure to take note on the manufacturer's barrel length restrictions in order to not void your warranty or cause damage/injury. 

  • Buy from reputable manufacturers - This is a point that I do not often hear brought up. Buy from a company that stands behind their products and will be around for a long time. If you have warranty needs in the future you do not want to hear that the company went out of business. Imagine being stuck with a NFA paperweight if you cannot repair it- none of us want that. Another reason this is important is if you need additional parts or mounts that could become very hard to find. 

While the info above will get you started, we would love to discuss your suppressor needs in more detail. Reach out to us so we can help you find the right suppressor for you. 

Our team also has a plethora of suppressors for our customers to try before they buy.